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Have a project suggestion? Contact us at: contact@spacelaunchup.com For now, go ahead and check out our main site: Galactic Systems.

Current Projects:

Project Funding Description
Open Source Space Balloon $435 Mission 1 to the edge of Earth's atmosphere. This is an educational near-space mission project. AstroWhale is an open source space balloon kit to teach students fundamental concepts of aerospace engineering.
Educational Aerospace Engineering Music $340 Help us produce 50 aerospace engineering related songs for AerospaceMusic.com, a resource for students to learn about topics related to building spacecraft. If you support this project for $5, we will send you the complete album upon project completion.
Astronomy Laboratory in Jamestown, NY $150 Help build an astronomy laboratory and observatory in downtown Jamestown, New York
Sattellite Communications Laboratory $100 We plan to build a satcom lab in Jamestown, New York as well as Hammond, LA. Using this, we will be able to receive satellite communications from the NOAA